18 Dec

WordPress Launches 5.0: Discover The Changes Affecting Your Website

    WordPress has been upheld as the easiest and most effective system of web content management for many years. What started as a basic blog creation platform has catapulted into an enterprise that powers over 32% of the internet! Now it is taking on a new form with the December release of the brand new update – WordPress 5.0.

    WordPress 5.0 promises to deliver more than other major updates. Of course, getting to play around with fun new features is always exciting. However, the developers have a little more up their sleeves with this rollout.

    Substantial buzz is being created around the new blocks-based editor, known as Gutenberg. We will be exploring this feature in an upcoming article. For now, let’s take a look at the other big changes happening to our favorite blogging site:

    Rest API

    5.0 has made some improvements to elements such as the REST API. API stands for Application Programming Interface and primarily permits two applications to connect. Representational State Transfer (REST) is a type of API that has been formed with a specific set of guidelines that dictate its behavior.  This allows developers to connect WordPress with nearly all other web applications. It enriches the creation process, increases the exchange of data and generates an abundance of opportunities for developers.

    Security Updates

    The popularity of WordPress makes it a viable target for cybercriminals. 5.0 addresses security concerns and aims to strengthen safeguards for its users. Keep in mind that while every update promises better security, the best way to protect your website is to work with a trusted provider and employ multi-factor authentication.


    The new default theme, Twenty-Nineteen, reflects the Gutenberg vision. It introduces custom styles and a minimalist, type-driven layout. It is intended to be adaptable and unrestricted. Twenty-Nineteen lacks a sidebar but does contain an area in the footer to place widgets. It is highly responsive to screens of all sizes and notably optimized for mobile use.

    Before You Click That Button!

    Before diving into the newly deployed WordPress 5.0, remember to create a backup of your current website. You do not want to risk losing any of your data.

    This update will completely change how you manage your website. It is important to know that you can take time to fully understand all of its intricacies before installing it. Don’t feel pressured to update immediately. There is no harm in waiting a few months to ensure all of your plug-ins are compatible.


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