Windows Server 2019 has successfully established itself as a reliable operating system that boasts extraordinary possibilities for businesses. This version has been on the market for nearly a year. It has seen substantial improvements from its initial debut – as all of its bugs have now been worked out.

If you are currently using Windows Server 2016, you may be eager to make the switch to the latest OS. But before you jump right in, it is important to note the key differences between these systems. A lot has changed in just three short years! Knowing about the features of 2019 will prepare you for the transition and plan for a future with greater OS capabilities.

Azure Hybrid Approach 

One of Windows Server 2019 features that stand out is the approach to cloud strategy. 2019 creates effortless storage migration from your legacy infrastructure to Azure.

It also works proactively to solve problems with the implementation of machine learning. The system insights are generated from high-value data. Analysis of this data can assuage issues before they have the chance to even become issues. This is a much smarter method of problem-solving than the standard reactive approach.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Microsoft achieved Windows Server 2019’s innovation by connecting with industry leaders. The result is a strong, scalable and secure solution. Effective monitoring, high-speed connectivity and network congestion control provide increased efficiency with no impact on resiliency.

Cluster-Wide Monitoring

Cluster-Wide Monitoring keeps the system’s pulse with live CPU, latency and throughput surveillance.

Latency-Optimized Background Transport

Latency-Optimized Background Transport stops bandwidth from being drained. It detects and ends any superfluous use by notorious network hogs – particularly applications that secretly siphon bandwidth.

Encryption for Linux

Windows Server 2016 presented the capacity to encrypt Windows OS-based VMs. 2019 expands to shield Linux as well. Linux users should be aware that delaying the switch to 2019 might leave their system vulnerable to attack.

The technology present in 2019 is staggeringly advanced when compared to the proficiencies of its 2016 ancestor. This intelligent new OS perfectly aligns with the needs of today. A thinking OS that provides proactive solutions and hefty security measures? We’re ready for it!

Are you ready, too? Response IT can help you make the switch safely and simply! Contact our team to find out more.