12 Dec

What is VoIP?

VoIp stands for Voice over internet Protocol, or phone services that are provided over the internet. It is the new digital way of making phone calls online, and is expected to eventually knock out all traditional phone legacy systems.

VoIP has many more desirable features and benefits, as opposed to the traditional phone system. Within this article we will examine the 3 major benefits of switching over to VoIP.


One of the most important and influential features of VoIP is the cost-saving potential that comes with it. By switching over to VoIP, your business could cut up to 70% of its monthly phone expenses. Firstly, there are no longer major fees associated with long distance calling. The way that this works is that instead of the conversation being carried over commercial telecommunication lines, the phone call travels through the internet. When you are using a traditional telephone line, you need to consider that time is money; you are spending money for each minute that you are using.

When you are selecting your VoIP package, the majority of the packages include unlimited domestic calling and very low rates for international calling. Additionally, adding lines to your existing VoIP is virtually painless, instead of adding hefty new packages to your old landline, all you need to do is purchase a new phone and plug it in.

Finally, you are spending less money on installation and hardware upgrades because everything is operated through your online service, thus leading to less replacements and repairs. Setting up a VoIP phone system is cost effective, too. There are low startup fees, then you are on your way to saving big money long term.

Phone Portability

With the legacy phone systems, you are tethered down to that one generic line that is plugged into your wall, and that’s where you’ll stay. You cannot move that line around your home, let alone bring it with you on business trips around the world. There is also the hassle associated with moving; having to change your phone number at your new house, then getting that number out to all your clients, family, and friends. With VoIP you will never have to worry about the disturbance of changing landlines again. As long as you have an IP connection you are able to connect wherever you are. How many times have you been away from the office on a business trip and realized that you needed to make important client phone calls? With VoIP, if you have accessible internet then you are ready to connect.

If your company has remote offices or employees that are constantly on the move, then VoIP should definitely be something to consider. As long as they have internet connectivity, they are able to connect to clients and maintain their business while they are away.

When you are setting up your VoIP, you will be sent a converter that plugs into any home phone system. Each converter has a number that is associated with it. When you need to move or travel, you just take the converter with you, and then have access to all your calls, contacts, and clients, making it possible to do work across the globe.


When you add VoIP to your business, it delivers a level of sophistication and professionalism to your business. It is telling your clients that no matter where you are, you can be reached and that they are a priority to you. Some of the major benefits of VoIP can offer businesses features like: call forwarding, conference calls, call recording, call logging, caller ID, call screening, hold music, opening hour filters, voicemail, voice to email, and even phone integration with Google Analytics.

With traditional phone systems, any of these services would cost additional fees or wouldn’t even have been available. VoIP is making meeting your business needs that much easier by having a portable, reliable, cost-saving phone system.

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