The Salesforce survey found that 76% of customers prefer different channels depending on their query's context. 


Nowadays, most contract centers offer a variety of channels to engage with their customers. Yet, switching between them is not always easy. Thus, the concept of 'Omnichannel Customer Service' was born. 


What is Omnichannel Customer Service?


Through omnichannel customer service, customers can select from various communication channels to resolve their issues. Thanks to seamless integrations, customers can switch between channels at will. Additionally, an omnichannel contact center will provide the agent with the entire conversational history of the customer when they do this. Due to this, customers receive faster service resolutions and do not have to repeat themselves. This is the essence of omnichannel customer service.


Four characteristics of good Omnichannel Customer Service : 


1. Consistency 

2. Low customer effort

3. Low agent effort

4. Data access 


The benefit of Omnichannel Customer service 


1. Customer satisfaction improvements 


Offering customers a choice of channels increases convenience. Ultimately, this results in higher customer satisfaction.


2. Personalization 


Personalization is improved by collecting data through the integrated channel network. Customers' preferred communication channels can be identified using Omnichannel contact centers, which helps to inform outbound sales strategies.


3. Cost savings  


By providing agents with the data and tools they need, issues are resolved faster.


Things to Avoid 


1. Technology should not be prioritized over strategy. Incorporate channels before integrating technology.

2. Do not scrimp on training. Often, agents transfer customers to another channel before continuing the conversation themselves.