21 Jan

Web Design Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

    In today’s world of technology, most entrepreneurs choose to build a website to boost online marketing. Many times, these entrepreneurs invest a lot of resources in making their websites more effective, but the reason that it does not prosper, is the poor design of the website. There are numerous design mistakes that people should avoid but we are only listing the few common ones here. Let’s have a look at them:

    No accurate site plan

    Not having an accurate or proper plan for your website could be one of the biggest design mistakes you make. It is advised that before you start building a website, you should sit down and make a website plan. You should always begin with defining goals and purposes. The second most important thing to do, is mapping out the flow and layout of your business’s website. If you start the construction without setting the foundation first, your building is going to be weak and unstable.

    Placement of contact information

    Several entrepreneurs make the blunder of placing their contact information in such an area that no client is able to find it easily. While it might show how fancy your website is, no client likes struggling a lot for merely an address. Therefore, you must put contact information of the company in a place that is easily accessible, and at least an email address should be mentioned at the bottom of every web page.

    Broken or bad links

    Bad or broken hyperlinks that do not take the client anywhere; do not only annoy people, but disappoint them as well. The basic purpose of your website is to tell the client about your business and if it fails to do so, it reduces the worth of your website.

    Outdated information

    This is similar to the last point. If you have a website that does not have correctly updated information, then your website simply cannot fulfill the purpose it was made for. Outdated websites are a turn off and they give a bad impression of your business to the client. Most of the time, when the clients reach an outdated website, they tend to believe that the owner of the business probably does not take their business seriously. Although this is usually not the case, but the result is always the same; the business loses its clients.

    Improper color scheme

    Your website is perfectly designed and you have provided all the information the clients need to know about; but if you have a terrible layout and a horrible color scheme; chances are that the client will not even bother looking through it. It is scientifically proven that colors have an impact on the mind. Thus, if you want to attract clients, choose a uniform color scheme and layout for each page of your website. Also, choose colors that you think might attract the kind of customers you are dealing with. For example, if you own a craft store for young girls, you can use colors that appeal to young girls and if you have a trucks’ spare parts business, you might want to consider using a neutral color scheme.

    Several windows for one website

    Do not make the mistake of adding internal hyperlinks (those that link to other pages in your website) that open forthe client to an entirely new window. It is not considered professional at all and is very annoying to most users. The only acceptable time to use _blank or “New Window/Tab” links should be when sending a user to an external website.

    User repelling technology

    Of course your website should stay up to date when it comes to technological stuff, but having the newest technology might trouble your clients because their system is not compatible with the technology that you have on your website. Always keep thisin mind when designing your next website. You can easily find out your visitors most used browsers by utilizing Google Analytics.

    Even though there are many other mistakes made by entrepreneurs, while constructing their websites; if you avoid the above seven, your website should be good to go, and engaging rather than repelling your visitors.

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