27 Dec

How is VoIP Different from Regular Telephone Service?

Decades ago, the technological landscape for businesses looked very different. There were landline phones, clunky pieces of computer equipment and an overabundance of wires that connected everything. Nowadays, office technologies have become a lot more sleek and streamlined. This immense change has brought about better quality services such as VoIP.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a telephone service that operates over the Internet. Unlike traditional landline phones that require copper cables, VoIP connects seamlessly to computers or directly to your office’s wireless network.

While the physical differences in these two technologies are staggering, the differences in performance are what really interest many businesses. Landlines limit the amount of features available to employees. While VoIP services offer incredibly advanced features that help small businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Some Features Include:

  • Voicemail-to-email transcription, which eliminates scrambling and scribbling by sending a transcribed version of every voicemail right to your email address.
  • IPFax, which improves upon traditional faxing by allowing you to send and receive, faxes over the Internet.
  • Mobile VoIP, which lets employees keep up with calls when they’re away from the office, so no important calls go unanswered.

While the copper wires and antiquated features of landline phones are a hassle, landlines do have a reputation for reliable service and excellent voice quality. However, VoIP has proven time and time again that it can match this quality and connectedness. Internet-based communications are always improving on their performance.

It is clear that regular telephone services have had their day in the sun. They remain a notable part of the history of telephony services, but are no longer able to compete with today’s modern communications. If your business is still using landline services, contact us to learn more about VoIP and how it can change the way you do business!

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