Top 6 Reasons to Hire Managed IT Services vs. In-house

One of the lessons we learned from the global pandemic is how important our networks, digital systems, and connectivity is to keeping businesses afloat. Many companies that once had an entire staff in-house have recognized the advantages of remote or hybrid workforces. And IT support is crucial to keeping small businesses alive regardless of where your employees work.


Because of the importance of our computer systems to business operations and employee productivity, small business owners in the Kingston area realize the importance of making use of remote managed IT services versus keeping in-house IT staff.


Many small businesses in the local area increasingly rely on managed IT services rather than the in-house alternative, so there are significant benefits to hiring a service that can handle remote support. Here, learn why Kingston, Ontario, businesses are turning to managed IT services and how they can benefit you.

What are Managed IT Services?

IT departments are often overlooked or considered too expensive when managing a small business’s technology. But, managed IT services can help to streamline processes and assure security. 


Managed IT services are an excellent option for businesses and can help with different aspects of your day-to-day operations. They take care of the entire project, removing the headache and costs involved in running IT systems on-site. Having this team on board makes things more accessible and convenient for you as they handle everything automatically.


Systems and networks can fail unexpectedly. Work critical to your company’s productivity can be disrupted as a result. It’s essential to have backups ready in case these things happen to ensure that you can recover any operation quickly. 


Disaster recovery is one of the most critical services for a managed IT support team. When there is an outage, you need to be able to restore your data as quickly as possible. Disaster recovery services offer peace of mind, so you’ll never have to face the excruciating experience of downtime or failure. 


Cloud services as backup are integral to small business continuity and should be considered when planning your business. Not only will it keep you up to date with essential data in the event a network goes down, but it will also save you time.


For small business owners, using managed IT services is more affordable than hiring professional IT staff. These long-term savings can help businesses to remain competitive. Your most important goal is finding and keeping good employees or contractors who can help you grow your company. 

Benefits of Hiring Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services can offer access to special personnel skills within the IT field, which means you are covered for various needs. IT outsourcing helps companies save time and money and provides them with support they can trust. Managed IT service helps make your company’s goals easier to attain. They can grow significantly, and their teams can consist of much larger numbers than the average company’s in-house IT team.


There are many benefits to the use of managed IT services, such as:

  1. Access To a Variety of Skill Sets

Usually, in-house IT personnel are limited to a particular skill set. With managed IT services, you’ll have experienced team members that can apply their knowledge to any information technology problems at your company.


Managed Services Multiple Skillsets


A Managed Services provider can provide the structure of an entire IT department and maintain regular contact with senior management. This allows them to make adjustments and ensure that the workplace is always functional. They also have cohesive systems to ensure their customers are adequately served.


Managed IT service specialists have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge of emerging technologies. Their commitment to continued learning ensures they can provide insights to which an in-house staff member may not have access.

     2. Affordability

Outsourced IT staff means more money is spent on building your company, employees, and office space. After all, hiring an in-house IT specialist means that you will add more to your payroll and still have to outsource certain IT issues. Since you wouldn’t have to worry about buying new hardware, software, or tools, it’s less of a hassle for your business. Since technology evolves so often, you’re at a disadvantage if your business is run on outdated infrastructure.


Managed IT services often provide clients with the latest technology in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective way. MSPs allow their customers to customize solutions easily and reduce overhead costs.

Many business owners who want to utilize these tools cannot afford to pay full-time staff in the range required. If you can’t make this initial investment, outsourcing managed IT services is essential to saving time and effort. 

     3. Enhanced and Always Optimized Privacy

Small businesses that require extra precautions due to confidentiality security concerns, such as medical clinics, are advised to use an IT service to ensure that all privacy measures are met. 


Managed Services Benefit: Always Optimized Privacy


Outsourced IT services will also provide the necessary security and privacy protection. With the use of a reliable MSP, companies can reduce the burden of compliance documentation to focus more on other tasks.

Managed IT services help you stay up-to-date with compliance laws and best practices, providing peace of mind knowing that your data is secure.

     4. Dedicated Security Team, Even for Hybrid Workforces

Cybercrimes have increased during the pandemic. They’re a significant concern across many industries. The ongoing threat of a security breach means it has become necessary to guard against hackers and malicious actors with added security precautions. Many people think of cybersecurity as a topic that applies only to businesses with sensitive data. However, it’s essential for everyone because cyber criminals can knock a network offline, halting business operations.


With companies now more aware of cybercrime as a growing problem, investing in top-notch security is an obvious move for businesses. Small companies should use a managed IT service provider to safeguard against hackers. These services provide a high level of protection for companies on top of supplying IT expertise when you need it.

     5. A Competitive Edge

A managed IT services provider is just as good as those of large corporations with entire IT teams. It is critical to their success to have the same IT equipment, expertise, and support as an in-house IT department. This allows them to focus on the crucial tasks for the business to run smoothly and enables you to do the same. This means you get all the proper IT support without devoting significant internal resources to IT.

     6. Access to Sophisticated Tools and Technologies

Many businesses are now outsourcing their IT departments to save time and money while providing ultimate quality and service. There is a high cost to IT tools such as network switches, rackmount servers, and routers. Bringing those tools in-house would be very costly and difficult especially since they’re some of the most expensive things a company can buy.


Managed Services: Latest Tech and Gear


Outsourced IT support from a reliable MSP provides you with the tools you need to monitor challenging business ventures and manage tasks efficiently. This is done with the help of a managed service provider, ensuring you are prepared for any challenges that may arise. 


Managed Services Providers test and assess their client’s needs to ensure they’ll meet their standards, so you do not have to find, test, and troubleshoot these tools. It is already done for you.


IT is a critical aspect of any business. This is why small businesses need to focus on setting up IT support. Unfortunately, many companies simply can’t set up their own in-house IT departments, so they must outsource the work to specialists. 


By outsourcing IT support, small business owners can focus on other aspects of their work, like user experience, customer service, and sales.


As your Managed IT provider in Kingston, Response I.T. is here to help you. Our managed IT services mean you can select from a range of complex solutions explicitly tailored to meet your business requirements. As your business needs change, we can scale our services to meet the new demand. 


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