These three ways can help you streamline your life with technology:


1. Post to all your social media accounts at once


Social media can be fun, but it can also be time-consuming. There can be a lot of time spent crafting the perfect tweet, the perfect Facebook post, the perfect Instagram picture. You can create a draft of a post with text, images, or anything else you'd like. Different versions can also be created for each social media network. Choose the time you want the post to go live.

Buffer offers a free option. You can manage up to three social media channels for free. You can opt for a paid plan if you run a small business or have more management channels (60$/year). 


2. Hide your email address


You can reduce the spam you receive by not using your primary email address for online shopping, newsletters, and information requests.

The trick : 

It is a hidden trick when using Gmail to create unique email addresses whenever you need one. 'Put a plus sign after your name and add a word where you're signing up and your primary Gmail email address. Let's say your email address is When you sign up for my free email newsletter, you can create an instant email address that's' 


 3. Get all your email delivered in one place


You probably use more than one device as far as your email is concerned. When you send, receive, or delete an email on one device, you must maintain that workflow on others too. In this way, you won't miss important messages.


Accessing your account through third parties such as Thunderbird or the native Mail app on an iPhone requires this information. Gmail's official app is much easier to use.