23 Feb

The Latest in Wearable Technology

With the launch of so many new wearable gadgets like the Apple Watch, it seems like in the near future, we are all destined to have one of these devices attached to our wrists. The way technology keeps developing, it is possible to witness style and tech merge, but wearables will not necessarily always be watches.

Technically, ‘Wearables’ is quite a loose term for a broad range of tech devices that can be worn, as the name implies. Activity bracelets and smart watches are the basic smart replacements for conventional accessories. This article looks at some of the most promising and compelling wearable products and concepts that take this technology to the next level.


This is a body muscle quality and composition analyzer that is capable of telling you the body fat percentage and the muscular health and fitness of different important individual groups of muscles. Measuring weight and calculating BMI has almost always been a bad technique for gauging your physical fitness and this device effectively solves that issue.

The device includes a smartphone application that will store, catalog and track all your information and progress you make on different muscle groups. A built in exercise planner will help you properly schedule your workout regime based on the recorded fitness level of your body parts. For example, if you feel your biceps are weak, the application will suggest exercises, recommended weight lifts, along with repetitions and sets. With this gadget, you can see for yourself how well your body is reacting to the physical training and intelligently adjust your regime to your body.


This interesting device can help people achieve better polyphasic sleep; this kind of sleep refers to the alternative sleep patterns that divide your sleep into smaller durations at multiple times during the day. This process allows one to sleep less than usual, and more effectively. These polyphasic sleep patterns involve power naps that are spread out at different times during the day. NeuroOn will achieve this much more effectively because it provides a sleep mask to measure your brain waves, eye movements and muscle tension to determine the exact phase of sleep that you are currently in, and wakes you up at the ideal time according to your predefined sleeping schedule. The lights inside the mask slowly get brighter when it is time to wake up, stimulating a sunrise wakeup to ease your mind.

Smarty Ring

The wearable sector has been looking to fill up any and all gaps in the traditional accessories sector and somebody was bound to come up with the idea of a smart ring sooner or later. The Smarty Ring has been crafted from allergy free surgical grade stainless steel and bears an LED display in the front. The ring delivers all notifications and gives you a good amount of control over your smart phone. You can reject unwanted calls, make outgoing calls to numbers on your speed dial, control music playback and trigger your phone cameras. The Smarty Ring is the first concept where a wearable is wrapped around your finger, which is quite a compelling reminder of how rapidly this technology is bound to develop.

With the rapid advancements in the world of ‘Wearables’, the examples above are definitely just a fraction of more to come!

If you have seen some cool new wearables we shouldn’t miss out on, please feel free to comment. We love seeing future tech emerge.

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