14 Sep

What Steps Should You Be Taking When It Comes to Virus Removal?

    Malicious programs and code are hard to avoid these days. Even if you’re convinced you have a rock-solid emergency plan you can never completely prepare for a virus attack. And it’s not just viruses that you must watch out for. Malware, Spyware, Adware, and many other types of programs can leave you at serious risk. On top of causing mayhem and loss of data, hackers can now access almost every aspect of your life if they gain access to the right files and folders on your system. Knowing the steps you can take to protect yourself and your company can help you get ahead without any fear of getting caught unawares.

    Self-Help at Home

    If you think your computer has been infected with a virus your first step should always be to complete a scan of your hard drive. Windows Defender is bundled with Windows and has a very simple user interface. XProtect, the built-in anti-malware and antivirus functionality for Mac is, on the other hand, a little more ‘under the hood’. XProtect won’t be as useful as Windows Defender, but still comes in handy if you keep your definitions up to date. There are a wide variety of free, freemium, and paid programs that can add a little extra power, but if you are uncomfortable with using these you aren’t alone.

    While some intermediate to advanced users will opt to quarantine and remove any unwanted junk manually, it is all up to personal preference. Doing these things yourself makes the job relatively quick and easy. It will also help you to keep the cost down because you won’t need to find a professional to complete the task. Some viruses, however, are too advanced to be caught by these programs and false-positives have been known to occur. This has caused many people significant issues because they can either delete important system files or lull you into a false sense of security. The latter can be infinitely more dangerous, given enough time, as it means that your system remains vulnerable for extended periods of time even after you think the coast is clear.

    Professional Assistance

    If you want to ensure that all traces of any potentially unwanted programs or processes are wiped completely clean then reaching out to the pros is really your best bet. Given the rapid advances that hackers have been making when it comes to building malicious apps and programs it is almost impossible to keep up. As an individual, you can never be sure that your hard drive is virus and malware free. The experts, however, immerse themselves in all the latest news and updates in the cyber security world and are perfectly equipped to ensure that you can achieve total satisfaction and peace of mind. They have dedicated themselves to your security and are a solid choice for anyone who wants absolute protection. When it comes to sensitive information, you should take absolutely no chances. The WannaCry attacks, and even more recent Petya ransomware attacks, should be a wake-up call to anyone who thinks that they aren’t a target. This was only one of an immense amount of attacks perpetrated every, single day. Additionally, we should all expect more attacks like this in the future and realize that most viruses aren’t nearly as noticeable. Many simply track your key inputs, logging everything you type. While your data won’t be frozen or erased, this method can do some serious damage if enough data is collected.

    When in Doubt, Stick with The Pros

    The most valuable tool you have at your disposal to prevent, or at least minimize the damage from, cyber attacks is having a proper plan in place when it comes to backing up your sensitive and crucial information or data. Offsite backup centers have built-in security, coupled with 24/7 monitoring overseen by seasoned pros. This means that no matter what happens you can rest easy and know that you’re in good hands. Canadian Cloud Backup takes your data and security very seriously and are committed to providing you with the safety and support that you need to remain out of harm’s way.

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