19 May

Social Media Networks to Watch in 2015

    2015 is expected to be the biggest year yet for the online world and the social media networking industry, not only because of the networks that have been doing incredibly well, but also for the upcoming potential platforms which could effectively accumulate a large membership in the fast paced market of today.

    Social media has also become the driver for most small businesses and a great way to check your products and services to test them out in the market before making HUGE investments. Small to mid-sized businesses have perhaps benefitted most due to this rapid shift, and much more can be done if you consider the amount of new releases that have hit the market this year.

    More than 300,000 new apps have been added to the Apple App Store and many are still yet to come, and the download statistics of these apps have never been more impressive. Here is a list of potential and budding social media networks you must watch out for in 2015.


    Starting with the big runners in the game; this social media platform has almost become synonymous with the term social media today and we all have Mark Zuckerberg to thank for that. While the network is mainly focused around sharing images, it has been improving and developing its potentials for brands and companies that want to create a fan base. Some much awaited updates are in store for the social media giant this year, and while not much can be said at this point, Facebook still continues to dominate the social media market.

    New and Upcoming Runner-Ups

    Here is a list of the new releases and launches that are making their presence felt in the online world currently:


    Unmetric is a competitive intelligence and social media networking analytics platform. It helps all its users in coming up with brilliant ideas by exhibiting entire streams of highly sought-after campaigns to see what the consumers are looking for. The analysis of your advertising data is done in mere minutes rather than days, and they are even compared effectively to any relevant competitors you may have. The new release is so slick, it even gives you real-time updates if your competitors are driving more engagement with their campaigns than usual.


    Though the name may put you off a bit, the potential is limitless. Bubbly is a brand new social media network that makes use of Voice based networking through recorded, edited and shared voice messages. This new network enables users to record a message, add effects and transitions, and then post it on the web for their listeners. The network has been recently acquired by the Altruist Group, which is a well-known telecom company outsourcing services to Asia, Africa and Europe. The project has had some very handsome investments and is expected to make it big in the market.

    Space Tag

    This is another social media networking platform that is all set to make its quantum leap. It will enable users to tag any specific objects or places and leave behind any notes for either themselves or others to read. The app is capable of recognizing the location of the user with a little help from the camera of the mobile device they are using and this network is expected to make it BIG on ShopCloud. ShopCloud is an Israeli business start-up that’s accredited for Inside Navigation, and it provides indoor identification of of a location using only the sensors present inside any modern Smartphone.

    All in all we are seeing a great many new companies emerging and can look forward to a fresh perspective on social media in the near future.
    If you have any favorite social media sites or hear of new networks on the horizon we’d love to hear about it.

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