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Protect your company with full security audits, optimized software and regular monitoring. Security management should be affordable. Predictable costs, cost-savings, and affordable security management.Boost network speeds, reduce downtime and improve productivity with Response IT MSSP.With security fully managed, spend more time dedicated to your business.



Nothing is more important to your customers and your business operations than the security of your business and the data you collect. With so much information being collected, that can be a huge undertaking to attempt on your own. Businesses need a security operations provider they can trust.

Just like hiring a managed service provider for your IT needs, you can also hire a managed service security provider to handle the security of your business.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Focuses on usability and performance.

Provides infrastructure support, network support, and application support.

Helps onboard new technologies for efficiency and minimal downtime.

Grants permissions to employees based on roles and responsibilities.

Onboards new employees in your technology systems.

Records and logs data.

Troubleshoots technological incidences.

Trains and provides support for company database managers.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Focuses on security.

Integrates, installs, and manages security software in a company.

Manages employee and company share permissions for security policies.

Provides ongoing cybersecurity monitoring and management.

Customizes employee and customer data access levels.

In charge of preventing, detecting, and responding to threats in the workplace.

Stays up to date with cybersecurity trends to predict and set up safeguards around your company network.

Trains and provides support for employees on how to access data and maintain security integrity.

MSPs are service providers who monitor and manage the health and integrity of your business’ technology. They will know which technology will help your company run smoothly, monitor your data, and help with technology issues.

Comparatively, the MSSP is a service provider skilled at protecting infrastructure technology systems. They are knowledgeable at cybersecurity installation, monitoring, and management, and they do it very well.

Both an MSP and an MSSP are required for healthy technology and function; using just an MSP or just an MSSP would leave gaps as they are each skilled in their respective professions.



For strong data protection, trust Response IT. Working with a reliable MSSP will ensure:

  • Your company has integrated the strongest security system to protect against modern data breaches and threats

  • Safe and secure Internet access, even for mobile devices and Internet of Things

  • Proper installations of appropriate anti-virus software and anti-malware software

  • Security of all physical devices on-site

  • Monitoring and training of employees to prevent phishing attacks designed to steal data and login credentials

  • Your data is backed up on a regular schedule for optimized efficiency

  • Education of your team on the ominous nature and magnitude of today’s cyber threats, including the fact that the average cost of a cyberattack is $3.86 million

  • The security of your system with better passwords, secure passwords management, and multi-factor authentication

  • Software and firmware are up to date

  • Generation of a cybersecurity plan according to Canadian security standards

  • Unique security insight based on knowledge of your company and industry



With an MSP you gain access to system monitoring, data management, backup support, inventory management, and much more. This provides tremendous benefits, but unfortunately leaves security lacking. Given that the average cost of a cyberattack is $3.86 million, most would opt not to leave security to chance.

Take advantage of the services that only a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) can offer. With security-as-a-service, you will ensure that your systems and people are safe, secure and compliant.

Response IT handles the following services:

  • Managed firewall configuration and management

  • Anti-virus/anti-malware installation, monitoring, detection, and remediation

  • Vulnerability testing and intrusion testing

  • Dark web scanning

  • Email spam filtering and protection

  • Security monitoring, alerting, remediation, and reporting

  • Creating secure remote connections to your network

  • Encryption services

  • Federal/provincial/local compliance requirements and reporting

  • And many more services based on the needs or requirements of specific industries

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