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It’s time to take your business to the next level with a great new website design. If the competition has a great website, your customers could be heading elsewhere. Everyone is going to be looked up online, and you need to make sure you’re properly represented. Maybe your current website falls short of the bar, or perhaps you haven’t pursued one yet. If you’re not sure where your site is lacking or how to get started, Response I.T.’s Web Department has the answers.

At Response I.T. we build on the latest in CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more to provide the best in easy self management and the best in responsive website design. Our websites are packed full of everything you need to make your life easier and provides the very best path for you to expand on. We design websites that grow with your business so you don’t need a redesign and there are no costly surprises.

From your website designs inception to delivery, our qualified design and development staff are there for you every step of the way to provide guidance, training and support in all aspects of your web design project. With the Web Department at your fingertips you will always have support and assistance with any project, big or small. Find out what sets us apart; give us a call for your free, no obligation quote and let us educate you before getting started.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Understanding how search engines operate makes the world of difference. Here at Response I.T. we make it easy for you to understand what your site needs in order to stand out.

Google now represents almost 80% of Search Engine traffic. The reality in 2018 is that no company can afford to have weak SEO or else people won’t know they exist. Modern algorithms reward websites that contain carefully written content, that is applicable to the users search query. Factors such as keywords, meta-data descriptions, cornerstone content, and properly formatting images to include alt-tags all contribute towards your overall SEO health score. Our SEO support doesn’t stop at launch; find out how our Google certified specialists can keep your site competitive and maintain top results through our web support services.

When you want to know how well your site is doing, get reports weekly or monthly on how you’ve reached and impacted your audience. Every site we build is set up with Google Analytics reports to let you know how much traffic your business is getting.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Website Design

At Response I.T. we grasp web design and web development from both practical and esthetic points of view. We start designing your website with an appealing theme that suits your branding and encompasses all that makes your website yours. From eye-pleasing java effects to practical and web-safe colors and fonts, we ensure all aspects of your design will allow you to put your best foot forward online.

Responsive design has become nothing short of a necessity for today’s websites. At Response I.T. we are dedicated to ensuring your site looks fabulous on every browser, on every operating system, on every device. Our web designs are built to harness the power of today’s web, with the use of HTML5 and CSS3. To ensure your website is user and search engine friendly, animations, transitions and effects are smooth and elegant without costing you valuable page-loading speed. Your website will be built with every screen size in mind, so the look and feel is fluid and flawless when viewed on a multitude of devices.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal) are a major apex on the cusp of today’s web and is our web department’s forte. Our staff are capable of tackling any challenge your needs may throw at us and build with self-management in mind. We tailor your CMS solution to you to allow for expansion, flexibility and ease of use when managing your website pages and navigation. Website design is more than just a look.

All of our solutions are geared toward self-management, and the systems we have chosen are there to provide the backing and support you need through and beyond your website development. We ensure you understand how the site works and how to make any updates you would require, but if that doesn’t fit your busy schedule, we have our support services in place. We not only get you up and running, we keep you up-to-date, competitive, and compatible.

Domain and Email Hosting

Domain and Email Hosting Solutions

Having your own website name and personalized email address for your business holds a lot of merit. Own your brand, boost your credibility and increase your traffic by making it easier to locate your business. Grab your domain name while it’s still available and find out the benefits of owning your online identity.

Our website developers provide exceptional site interaction for your visitors and allow you to harness the full potential of your web design project, always keeping comprehensiveness in mind. Every site we build is also fitted with a secure embedded contact form to keep bots at bay. This ensures you are receiving emails containing legitimate customer concerns instead of spam.

Social Media & Web Software Integration

Social Media Management

When used for business, Social Media can be a remarkable tool, gaining exposure to millions of people for free, Instantly. You can go a step further and advertise on these platforms, targeting people who are already interested, or highly likely to be interested in your products or services. In terms of effectiveness this is a Marketers dream. So why are so many businesses afraid of utilizing this tool? It typically it comes down to 3 things.

1. Business Owners simply don’t have the time. They understand [its] value but simply cannot get to it during their hectic schedule.

2. People tend to avoid what they don’t understand, especially if it also requires some of their limited advertising budget.

3. Afraid of making a mistake. how many times have you see or heard a story of someone making a blunder on Social Media and then the ensuing avalanche of comments, anger and online comments.

That’s where Response I.T. comes in. Our Social Media staff have extensive experience creating, managing and guiding business owners through the confusing process of posting to social media. We advise business owners on how to capitalize on #Trending Topics, #Hashtag use, Collaborative stories and blogs, best times of day to post, which platforms are best suited for your target market and so on. We can also assist with applications such as Hootsuite which can substantially improve your Social Media presence.

Web Support Services

Web Support Services

After we’ve set up your presence on the web, your access to our resources and knowledge doesn’t end there. We are with you for as long as you’ll have us: running updates, keeping backups, even managing content for those with busy schedules.

The web maintenance packages will benefit you if:

  • You lack an internal resource with sufficient web expertise
  • You cannot afford to lose time or people delegated to your site maintenance
  • Your site requires frequent updates due to changing information or client communication
  • Site stability, security, and compatibility are among your concerns

Rest easy and leave the technical updates and backups to us. Give us a call to find out more about how we can keep your online presence strong and secure on a monthly basis.

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