Managing your company’s I.T needs can be overwhelming. Failed systems and networks bring office productivity to a standstill. The resulting wasted employee hours and lost or locked data can bring small-medium sized business to the brink of failure. When this happens you’re left scrambling to get everything restored as quickly as possible, and can often compound errors. With Response I.T., Our Managed Services are tailored to a “per PC” or “per Server” model which enables more customization and most importantly keeps costs low – no prepackaged service plans, only what you need. Our technicians actively monitor your systems and proactively take measures to ensure your system is secure, backed-up and running at peak performance for your employees.

Backups and Restore

Backups & Restore

Routine data backups are one of the smallest costs yet deliver the largest benefit for any company. A properly maintained backup will provide security and peace of mind, and will save you headaches and unnecessary loss of income.

It’s not just businesses effected either. Your personal computer could be full of timeless projects and precious memories. Don’t put your hard work and sentiments at risk. Let Response I.T. protect your precious memories and avoid heartache with a state of the art, automated, offsite backup routine.

We utilize our own proprietary software in combination with 100% Canadian owned and operated data centers to provide our clients with solutions they can count on. Our software automates the encryption, backup, and synchronization services required to ensure your data is safe, secure, and accessible only by you.

Corporate Network and Support

Corporate Network Support

Having reliable and secure internet access is crucial for any business. As experts in everything I.T. we will help you take your business to the next level. Dedicated staff regularly audit your network to identify weaknesses and implement our recommendations to upgrade and fortify your network. Proactively maintaining your environment to mitigate issues, provide ongoing support and most importantly, to keep you and your staff connected and secure.

You may require our networking services if:

  • Some of your computers are not visible on the network
  • Not all computers have printing ability or access to shared files
  • Emails tend to receive spam or malware
  • Network access cuts out or has slow upload or download time
  • Your business has grown or is in need of an upgrade

Server Management and Monitoring

Server Management & Monitoring

Managed I.T. Services offer a fixed rate per PC and Server allowing your company to work within a strict monthly budget. It allows you to choose a PC and Server Management Plan that best fits your needs. This all-inclusive service allows a mix of support options enabling the perfect coverage that best fits your company’s computer repair and support requirements. Focus your I.T. expenses toward issue avoidance and service optimization rather than scrambling to repair damages after they’ve occurred. By choosing the managed services approach you will experience valuable results for your business, including:

  • Total cost predictability – a single monthly fee gets you a complete I.T. solution
  • Access to a dedicated support team of professionals with expertise
  • Improved network and hardware performance
  • System stability
  • Monitoring critical system components to ensure proper functionality
  • Avoiding frantic situations to get back online or recover critical data

If you feel that your current service provider no longer meets your needs, or if your business has a fragmented system to resolve I.T. issues, or your network and server have outgrown your ability to manage, contact us today to find out how we can help you reach a higher level of technology for your business.

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