Cloud Services

There are countless benefits and uses for the cloud; collaborating on files over distance, easy access to files and programs, and virtualization of your data. Many people and businesses are already making use of the cloud and aren’t even aware of it. Below you can explore some of the ways Response I.T. can help you get on local, completely Canadian cloud servers.

Data Backup

Backup Your Data

Don’t risk your company’s data. From simple work processes to complex accounting details, you need that data to stay on top of your company’s functions and to protect your clients’ information. When a company loses data, they also lose customers, money and sometimes the business itself. Having a scheduled backup in place for your business data is critical. 44% of data loss is caused by mechanical failures and 32% is due to human error. That doesn’t include theft, disaster and any other troubles chance may throw at you. With our 100% Canadian cloud services, we can remotely access a complete copy of your system so that it can be restored to a previous, working state. For more information on scheduled backups, refer to managed services.

Secure Server Hosting

Secure Server Hosting

At Response I.T. we are proud to provide 100% Canadian cloud solutions. If you feel that your current service provider no longer meets your needs or your business has outgrown your current network and server, contact us today.  Let us show you how we can help you reach a higher level of satisfaction for your business’s technical needs. Experience improved network and hardware performance, system stability, and having your critical system components monitored to ensure proper functionality. For more details on how we can maintain the integrity of your server, go to managed services.

Website and Email Hosting

Website and Email Hosting

Our database driven solutions allow you to capture valuable site-visitor data and build targeted email marketing campaigns right from your website.

We provide reliable and secure web hosting solutions. This includes web & email hosting packages, Linux and Windows hosting, virtual and dedicated solutions. Expansion, virtualization and security are core concerns of any website. We strive for perfection in every aspect of our products, processes and services. Experience the benefit of having local hosting and support. See web and email support for more information.

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