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Information Technology Support Staff

Brandon Robertson Lead Managed Services Technician at Response I.T.

Brandon is our networking and servers guru. He has a Computer Networking and Technical Support Diploma from St. Lawrence College, as well as point to point and fixed satellite certification and training. He handles the majority of our corporate clients, our own network architecture, and is our resident go-to guy. His knowledge and experience is broadened through a dynamic history of computer services roles, as well as his own personal business, Deep Computers. Brandon’s biggest hobby is his wife and kids, but he also has a vested interest in computer hardware and software, gaming, anything Star Wars, Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica, and car modifications.

Rob Babe Residential I.T. Tech at Response I.T.

Rob is one of our knowledgeable computer technicians who always strives to stay on top of the rapidly evolving technology field. He attended St. Lawrence College for Networking and Technical Support, and has A+ certification. The duties he performs at Response I.T. include selling, building, and repairing all different kinds of computers. He has been using computers since the age of 5; his first computer was an Atari 600XL. He taught himself basic computer language and subsequently, the Visual Basic language. He developed software for teachers called Markbook, which was a popular purchase among teachers at Napanee District Secondary School. He then worked for the Limestone District School Board as an I.T. Technician for several different schools. Rob enjoys video games, movies, and biking around Napanee, where he lives with his wife and two kids.

gord residential computer it technician

Gord is one of our skilled computer technicians with Mcse A+ certifications and 14 years in the IT industry. He worked with us at Response I.T. 13 years ago, left for a while, but just couldn’t stay away! He has a passion for the IT field’s evolving nature where he enjoys learning about new products, systems and won’t turn away a good challenge. Outside of work, Gord loves sports, especially football, reading, and spending his days with his two beautiful daughters.

response it server administrator and technician chris

Chris is our Networking and Server Administrator. He has a Computer Networking and Technical Support Diploma from St. Lawrence College, is CompTIA A+ certified, and is actively working on his Cisco CCNA certification to further his knowledge. He works primarily with our corporate clients, and internal network / servers. His knowledge and experience is broadened through a history of supporting various industries with different requirements. Chris’ biggest hobby is racing stock cars at a local dirt track, but he also has a great interest in fishing, DJing, and gaming.

Website and Online Support Staff

Tina Web Designer at Response IT

Tina is a web designer who dedicates her free time to creative passions like writing, graphics, and music. She has a combined passion for arts and math, learned in several coding languages. She built a short RPG in WinOOT in high school, and designed and built a loud board game called Yaargh! that later turned into Scallywags (on Xbox Live Arcade) for her diploma in Game Development. She has years of customer service training and experience which promotes a pleasant and stress-free site-building journey.

Lately Tina has been involved with the Kingston Chapter of Ladies Learning Code, to share her knowledge with others who are interested in learning HTML and CSS. She has mentored several workshops, has lead one so far, and will continue to promote digital literacy among youth and adults.

Response I.T. Kingston Ontario

Cody, our Marketing Specialist has over 10 years of marketing experience ranging from small start-ups to multi-national corporations such as Electronic Arts, The Pattison Group and SkyZone. His skill-set includes: Branding, data analysis, web and graphic design, social media, multi-media production and light coding skills. Cody is Google AdWords certified and enjoys bringing new project to life.

patti website design and development

Patti brings over 27 years of web design and development experience to Response I.T. and just as much corporate experience from Northern Telecom and Honeywell Canada. She spent over 11 years as Webmaster for Honeywell Canada’s French, English and Latin America Intranet and worked closely with Employee Services.

She is Greenbelt Certified and uses Six Sigma Methodology when tackling problems and challenges facing our web development clients. She feels that it is important to love what you do and to do it with passion.  Even with all the websites that she has built and launched, she still feels the same excitement that a client feels for the first time when their website is being planned, developed and launched into the world.

Patti enjoys life at the lake, fishing, Tai Chi Chih on the dock and being surrounded by friends, family and most especially her children and grandchildren.

jeff web server administrator and email management

Jeff is our primary server administrator and an integral piece of the web department. He is a self-taught computer wizard with a wealth of knowledge about working systems and resolving issues quickly. He keeps a constant watch on our systems to ensure things are running smoothly and keep spam and trespassers at bay. If there’s something he doesn’t know, Jeff is certainly effective at using his skills to research and learn new things to find solutions.

Administration and Marketing

Shayne Administrative Coordinator at Response I.T.

Shayne is always on top of things as our Administrative Coordinator. He’s been with the company for ten years and is usually your first point of contact. He can give great advice, and is able to remember your name and voice, often after speaking to you just once. You’ll feel like part of our family when you’re with us. That’s the level of service you can expect.

rick frasso president

Rick started Response I.T. as a sole proprietorship more than 15 years ago. At the time, it was one of only a few companies providing onsite IT service calls in Kingston and the area. Positive customer experiences led to steady annual growth and the addition of several skilled employees. Rick has held every position in Response I.T. at some time or another: Service Technician, Bookkeeper, Sales, Office Administrator, and now he is the business strategist and marketing manager. Rick attributes the success of Response I.T. to a strong, honest team that focuses daily on customers’ wants and needs with an ongoing commitment to integrity and proactive practices.

diana financial director and accounting

Diana is our Financial Director, bringing with her over 25 years of accounting and entrepreneur experience.  Although she operates mostly behind-the-scenes she is an integral part of the team.  Born and raised in Ottawa, she knew at 16 years old that she wanted to retire to Kingston – someday.  After having 3 successful businesses in Ottawa, she made the move 6 years ago and has never looked back.  Kingston is home and she loves the atmosphere and people she has met in the city.  She is responsible for internal finance and bookkeeping.

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