29 Nov 2016
16 Nov 2016
18 Apr 2016

Response I.T. and the Women Mean Business – Partnership In Motion

    Our Partnership with The Women Mean Business is shaping up to be a wonderful partnership between our two organizations. On April 5th we held a celebratory mixer here at Response I.T. to kick it all off and invited the public to come down and get to know more about Response I.T. and the Women Mean Business. It was a great success and everyone had a fantastic time mixing and mingling and getting to know each other and their businesses.

    JC Kenny Media and The Creative Nest were also there and shot this wonderful video for us. Thank you to everyone who made the night so memorable and came out in support of Response I.T. and The Women Mean Business. Check out the Video Below.

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    18 Mar 2016

    Easter Weekend

      Staff of Response I.T. would like to wish our friends and colleagues a safe, happy, and WARM long weekend!

      Walk-In Services are Closed

      Please be advised that our offices will be closed to walk-in customers from Friday, March 25th to Monday, March 28th, inclusively. read more

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      08 Mar 2016

      Happy International Women’s Day

      Italo-Canadian club International Women's Day Fashion show
      entry written by Tina

      What is International Women’s Day

      March the 8th is set aside in recognition of gender equality and the end to violence against women worldwide. In this region, in our generation, we can sometimes forget that not all females experience the same opportunities and liberties, a truth that can often be taken for granted.

      In some parts of the world, International Women’s Day holds the same importance as Mother’s Day in May. In Italy they call it la Festa della Donna. Dating back to 1946, men would give the fragrant yellow mimosa flowers to their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters as a sign of appreciation and love. Today, women and shop owners are also known to hand the flowers out in a gesture of solidarity. read more

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      02 Feb 2016

      Lights at the End of Your IT Support Tunnel

      Are you struggling to mark out a career in the IT support sector? It is as rewarding as it is challenging, and there are a few things you need to know to make steady headway into the IT field. If one proceeds smartly, the rewards may exceed the obstacles; however, faulty steps can cause you grief with unwanted stress and problems.

      If you are experiencing hard times while trying to forge a stable career for yourself in the IT support sector, then following are some points that can help you reach the light at the end of the career tunnel. read more

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      04 Jan 2016

      Critical Areas of Focus for IT Leaders

        Do you have any idea what the executives and different IT leaders should be focusing on in the upcoming months? There are certain critical areas which are believed to be the first priority of focus for IT leaders in the industry in the months to come. These include the following to name but a few. read more

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        17 Dec 2015

        The Ongoing Evolution of the Cloud Computing Dynamics

          In no more time than a mere decade, cloud computing has evolved to be viewed as an effective tool which would help to improve the economics concerned with IT, along with ensuring flexibility to the elements which are systematically transforming the economy. Many further believe that the popularity of the technology has also modified the role of the CIO. read more

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          17 Dec 2015
          14 Sep 2015

          Data Storage, Recovery and Backup in the Cloud – What You Need to Know

            The world today revolves around information and data records, which are managed and stored within vast, secure data centers. Now, data is one of the most precious assets for individuals as well as organizations. This is why data security is the first thing that consumers consider when they take service reliability into account. In this regard, various measures are taken to ensure that the data is backed up and can be fetched at any time. This is usually done by opting for offsite cloud storage services.

            Classification of Cloud storage

            Cloud storage is an online storage medium, where you can store your data using the internet and access it at any time. The cloud is often connected to various servers, and has various distributed and integrated resources which ensure that your data is accessible, no matter where you might be. read more

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