here is a range of technology solutions out there for your business. Sorting through the lingo and understanding what ones truly meets your needs is an important first step in taking advantage of these solutions. Let’s break down the differences between onsite, bench and remote services so you can be assured you’re getting the most from your IT support!

Onsite Services

If your office or in-home computer is acting up, onsite solutions send a technician to your workplace to investigate. If you’re having trouble connecting to your network, find your computer running sluggishly, experience a program freezing or have any other desktop issue, a technician can typically assess the problem and implement a solution on the spot.

Bench Services

If you have a busy lifestyle that requires you to be always on the go, you can take advantage of the convenience of bench services. This service lets you drop off your computer to your provider’s location where technicians will diagnose and repair the problem. You will be given an estimated time of completion so all you have to do is stop by again for pick-up. Bench solutions are great at delivering both flexibility and peace of mind.

Remote Services

An IT issue can certainly be disruptive to your workday, but it doesn’t have to be. Remote solutions are the best choice for keeping your workflow uninterrupted while fixing your computer problem. Technicians can troubleshoot from your provider’s office either over the phone or online, giving you real-time assistance that you can view. This service works best for when issues arise with a USB, printing problems or software installation.

Each of these services can accommodate different work-life routines. Selecting the right service comes down to what works best for yourself, your staff and your business. Contact Response IT to discuss your unique tech needs and how we can help!