Networking and Cabling Services

Response I.T. is thrilled to announce our Networking and Cabling Services for South-Eastern Ontario.

We can complete residential projects at your home including, Internet Network Setup, Connecting Wireless Printers and Routers, WiFi-Enabled Entertainment Systems and even Security Systems.

We don’t stop at Residential, we can also assist your small to medium sized business install or expand its existing network to be more capable and responsive. Looking to upgrade your phone systems to VOIP? Need your Wireless Network to cover more Area and accommodate more users? Want more devices connected to the network? No matter what the request if it involves Cabling, we got you covered.

Home Networking and Cabling Services

Response I.T. can now come directly to your home and help you with any setup or upgrade to your homes’ network. In addition to setting up a secure Wireless Network, we can also assist in Entertainment Systems, Wireless Printers and accessories as well as Security Systems to protect your loved ones and property while your away.

  • Wireless Accessories (Printers, Smart TV’s, Google Home, Alexa)
  • Wireless Router Setup – We make sure your home network is secure and running smooth
  • Entertainment Systems – Ensure blazing fast connectivity to all of your Wifi Enabled devices.
  • Audio Systems
  • Security Systems

Office Networking and Cabling Services

Our Networking and Cabling Services for Office allows us to lay the foundation for virtually every single aspect of your communications. Is your office struggling with its communication network? Are your workers constantly struggling to execute even the simplest of tasks? Response I.T. now offers cabling services which means we can build your network from the ground up to be as efficient as possible and be scalable into the future.

Services Offered:

  • Structured Cabling – Cut the mess, allow us to diligently plan and build your network
  • Wireless Printer & Network Setup – Printer headaches? Let us setup your Network so it works every time you need it
  • Video Surveillance Systems – Safeguard your company and its data with enhanced security systems
  • Internal Phone and Internet Systems – Whether it’s traditional or VOIP we have you covered
  • Network Security – Once we setup your network you are protected! Our white-hat Technicians keep a constant eye on all systems to ensure the upmost security.

Large-Scale Projects

Over the years Response I.T. has taken part in numerous Large-Scale projects due to special requests and existing client expansion. We are especially sensitive to Data Protection and Security Compliance and as a result incorporate our intense standards into every facet of your large-scale network.

Large Projects

  • Wireless Printer Setup – We can setup multiple Printers, connected to specific departments or areas with ease
  • Network Security – We make sure your data is AES 256 Bit encrypted in transport and at rest
  • Fibre Optic Cabling – With more providers offering affordable Fibre Optic internet, now is the time to take advantage
  • Time Machine Capsule Setup – Don’t lose another file ever again
  • NAS Data Solutions – If you require Network Attached Storage for having files readily available for collaboration we can do that too

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