Microsoft has announced new features in Windows 10 to improve the experience of virtual meetings and support the needs of people with disabilities in the new hybrid work environment.


These tools focus on productivity, including technology to quiet background noise such as lawnmowers and baby cries and auto framing to follow the speaker's movements. In addition, there's a feature that subtly raises a speaker's eyes to make it appear as though they're directly looking into the camera and a security tool that cuts down on phishing.

One of the most prominent features is a subset of tools developed in part by Microsoft (MSFT) employees with disabilities.


Users can now toggle the do-not-disturb button on any notification to mute alerts, emails, and other messages. While Windows already has this feature on Apple and Samsung software, the company is fast-tracking this concept after Kane said notifications were affecting her productivity.


In other tools, users are alerted when their Microsoft credentials are entered into malicious applications or hacked websites so that they can proactively combat phishing and targeted malware attacks. However, the inclusion tools and the meeting enhancements will be available for download later this year.