01 Mar

Managed Security Services for Small and Medium Businesses

    Managed Security & How It Can Benefit You

    Small and medium businesses in Canada are getting smarter as a result of the incredible growth potential through the internet. However, just like multinational companies and organizations, they are faced with a barrier; data security. The Patriot Act of 2001 was revised in 2011, and allows investigation authorities in the US to conduct surveillance on US linked companies in Canada. This caused a major fear among businesses dealing with confidential and sensitive data. Cyber thefts and the credibility of managed services did not help their cause either. However, managed security services have given some breathing space to businesses in Canada that rely on IT as a primary source of work.

    Managed Security Services (MSS)

    Managed security services are internet service providers (ISP) that offer a business with some degree of security management in their network. Some of these services include virus blocking, firewalls, spam blocking, intrusion detection as well as managing virtual private network (VPN). Managed security service providers have changed over the years as a result of the increasing demand for internet security. Managed security services are a viable option for businesses as they allow outsourcing of the security functions.

    Cloud Computing Services

    Data security is one of the biggest issues for small and medium businesses that intend to move to cloud services. Though they are relatively cheap, the degree of security and control is compromised. However, managed security services for clouds do exist, as private and managed clouds are prime examples. Private cloud servers provide a high level of security and control, but require a business to make continuous purchases to maintain the software and infrastructure. Nevertheless, they are ideal for businesses that deal in confidential and sensitive data, and work in strictly monitored industry that requires obliging to data security and privacy. Managed cloud services lie between private clouds and public clouds. The costs of managed cloud services are fairly lower than private clouds, yet they provide a similar degree of security, if not more.

    How a Cloud Managed Security Service is Good for Your Business

    Cloud managed security services can help a network to deliver information safely at a rate that optimizes productivity. Some benefits of having a cloud managed security service include:

    • Complying with business standards by scanning content and emails for spam, viruses, and inappropriate content. This helps to protect reputation and credibility
    • Reducing the security breach risks
    • Detecting and diverting potential malicious traffic away from a network, thus maintaining availability
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