12 Jan

Why your law firm should have a managed service provider

Safeguarding the confidential information of your clients is tremendously imperative to running a successful, trustworthy law firm. Here are some common signs that it may be time to partner with a managed service provider to ensure that you’re receiving maximum protection.

You’re Experiencing Significant Downtime

In a time-sensitive industry such as law, downtime can mean money going down the drain. Not only can database, hardware and software downtime inconvenience clients and staff, but the risk of losing data during these times can lead to much greater implications.

Your In-House IT Department Isn’t Up-To-Par

New security threats are being unleashed onto businesses everyday, but many are unprepared. A small in-house staff can find it challenging to respond accordingly to complicated emergency issues 24/7. If your IT staff is not equipped with the knowledge or the resources to combat these growing threats, your firm may be at risk.

Your Needs Are Not Being Met

The most defining factor in making the switch to a managed service provider is the simple realization that your growing needs are not being met by your current structure.

Managed service providers can open up a new world of possibilities for your firm by offering the reliability, performance and security that you are currently not receiving. Managed service providers allow law firms access to the latest technology. Services like email encryption and video conferencing can be curated to meet your specific needs. The immediate support provided by a managed IT service means that your firm will not suffer from lingering downtime and that action will be taken right away if a cyber threat is encountered.

If you’re an attorney, you recognize the important of being in good hands. Why not ensure that your law firm is receiving the most competent and secure IT support available?

Call our experienced technicians today to see if your law firm could use a managed service provider!

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