How Remote IT Can Protect Your Business from Cyberattacks

In today’s online landscape, it can be hard to know how to protect your business from cyberattacks and other security threats. 


And for many small business owners in the Kingston area, keeping up with the constantly shifting threat landscape can be time-consuming and complicated. But failure to do so can potentially lead to downtime and costly repairs. 


There is, however, a perfect solution. Hiring remote IT support can ensure that your network, data, and computers remain secure. 

6 Ways Remote IT Can Protect Your Business from Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks and security threats come in many forms and can be a particular threat in a hybrid or remote work environment. 


To help you better understand why you should consider remote IT support, here is a closer look at how remote IT can protect your business from cyberattacks. 

Network Protection and Monitoring

Your business’s digital network is the entry point for almost every security threat. With instances of phishing scams, ransomware, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks continuing to grow, protecting and monitoring your network has never been so important. 


Remote IT Services protects against cyber threats


A remote IT team can keep you informed about the most recent threats while ensuring your network is secured, using only the most up-to-date security practices to keep the network safe from a possible cyber attack. 

Data Backup and Recovery

Data loss can lead to business losses. If a cyber attack locks you out of your data, alters it, or deletes it, you may experience significant downtime, reducing productivity and your ability to carry out operations. 


Unfortunately, data breaches are incredibly common. 1 in 8 businesses is decimated by a data breach. Not only is it difficult to bounce back from even the shortest downtime, but it can also be even more challenging to rebuild client or consumer trust in your business or brand. 


A remote IT service can regularly back up and store your company data, offsite, keeping it safe from malicious actors and allowing you to get back online with minimal downtime and minimal losses. 

Update Patches and Software

When software is outdated, or security patches have not been applied, your computer systems and company devices are vulnerable to attack. 


Your remote IT team can apply timely updates automatically. Managing and running a small business in Kingston requires all of your attention. With remote IT, you never have to worry that your cybersecurity is at risk simply because you forgot to install an update

Maintain Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software

It is not enough to keep your operating systems and other computer software up to date, you must also maintain antivirus and anti-malware software. 


First, your IT provider can recommend the best software for your business, and from there, they can work to ensure that it is up to date and protect your computer systems from the latest threats. 


Failure to update these tools will mean that they are not equipped to identify the most current threats, limiting the software’s ability to keep you safe. 

Manage Access Control

If your business deals with sensitive data, or you have remote workers (or others) that need access to your network, servers, or files,  you likely use access control to keep certain files and data more secure. 


But managing these controls, or juggling permissions, can slow down productivity or be a nuisance. 


Your remote IT service provider can manage all of this for you, allowing you and your employees to seamlessly access necessary files and data, increasing efficiency while maintaining security. 

Faster Response Time

If you fall victim to a cyberattack, it can be hard to get the help you need, when you need it. You could spend hours on the phone trying to speak with the right person and even more hours waiting for an on-site technician to show up. 


With remote IT support, you have quick and easy access to the assistance you need. Remote IT can significantly reduce your downtime and get you back up and running in no time at all. 


What’s more, you may be able to mitigate the damage before it even begins. Because your remote team monitors your system, they can alert you to potential weaknesses before they get exploited. Or, should an attacker get through your security systems, your remote team may see the anomalous behavior, alert you to it, and contain it before it goes too far. 

Why You Need Remote IT Support

Remote IT support is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses. It provides all of the benefits of on-site IT without the issues that can come with an increased staff presence. 


Remote IT support can provide the following: 

Cost Savings

Hiring a remote IT provider can save you significant costs. Hiring on-site IT professionals or a full-time in-house IT expert can be expensive. Not only are there extra staffing costs, but there may also be concerns about office space. This is another person, or persons, that you need to find space for at the office. 


With remote IT, you pay monthly for the support and do not have to concern yourself with payroll, supplying computer hardware, or having enough office space. One payment, all the support. 

Access to the Latest Technologies

Depending on your industry, you may not know about or have access to the latest in security technology. 


With a remote IT team, you can expect the latest and greatest technology, systems, and monitoring tools to keep your business safe from cyberattacks and other security threats. 

Peace of Mind

When you know you have a remote IT team backing you up, you can rest easy and focus your time and energy on what matters most. 


Remote Managed Services help protect your business


Why lose sleep over your cybersecurity if you don’t have to? Not only does your remote team monitor your network, but they have the skill and knowledge necessary to get you up and running should disaster strike. 

Hire Response I.T. for Cybersecurity for Small Businesses in Kingston

At Response I.T. we pride ourselves on our IT service offerings. With our Remote IT support, you can rest assured that your business is protected against online cyber-attacks. Whether due to a weak firewall, credential theft, or malware, Response I.T. can stop dangerous attacks from ruining your business. 


Reach out to Response I.T. for small business cybersecurity in Kingston, with remote options available!