08 Mar

Happy International Women’s Day

Italo-Canadian club International Women's Day Fashion show

entry written by Tina

What is International Women’s Day

March the 8th is set aside in recognition of gender equality and the end to violence against women worldwide. In this region, in our generation, we can sometimes forget that not all females experience the same opportunities and liberties, a truth that can often be taken for granted.

In some parts of the world, International Women’s Day holds the same importance as Mother’s Day in May. In Italy they call it la Festa della Donna. Dating back to 1946, men would give the fragrant yellow mimosa flowers to their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters as a sign of appreciation and love. Today, women and shop owners are also known to hand the flowers out in a gesture of solidarity.

Italo-Canadian club Kingston hall Italy map

Italo-Canadian Club Luncheon and Fashion Show

The Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston‘s Ladies’ Association celebrated it’s ninth annual International Women’s Day this past Sunday with their traditional lunch and fashion show. Roughly 250 ladies and a handful of gentlemen showed up in support of the impressive charity efforts of the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs fraternities. The beneficiary of the day’s charity proceeds was the wonderful and ever-deserving Camp Trilium: a day camp where families of children with cancer can enjoy fun bonding activities and attend for free.

I grew up in Kingston frequenting the Italo-Canadian club as a Tarantella dancer, with friends/family who are members, and to attend countless weddings. The iconic sculpted map of Italy in the front entrance is magnificent, and one of many testaments to the freedom of immigrants to proudly practice their culture in Kingston.

Italo Canadian club decor vendors womens day

I recognised many of the vendors that day, including some clients of ours, and other groups we have done business with. You’ll see Kingston Olive Oil co. here; I had to buy another balsamic. Since I’ve started to make my own salad dressings, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to store-bought.

I’m a huge fan of glitter, and Cheryl, the owner of one of the clothing stores showcased in the fashion show, cloth, is well aware of my taste. She adorned my wrist with this gorgeous bracelet from her store.

cloth clothing glitter bracelet women's day
mimosa flower tradition womens day drink italo canadian club

In honour of the tradition to give mimosa flowers in Italy, the bar at the Italo-Canadian Club was featuring the mimosa drink.

radicchio salad italo canadian club women's day celebration

Our starting salad had a poppy seed vinaigrette, with radicchio, red peppers, and cucumber.

kale stuffed chicken italo canadian club womens day celebration

The main course on Women’s Day was breaded chicken breast stuffed with cheese, garlic, and kale, complete with gravy.

Several local clothing shops were featured in the fashion show on Sunday. There were some very young models debuting, and many women that I remember from last year’s celebration. I was touched that the entire gathering of attendees was asked to pay respects to one of the club’s regular servers and Women’s Day fashion show models, Christina, who passed away at 30.

Overall, the day was a great success, and a lot of fun. I got to see many familiar faces, meet some new people, and I will definitely spread the word about Camp Trillium. How did you celebrate Women’s Day? What are the traditions in your culture?

Italian club womens day fashion show
Italian club womens day fashion show
Italian club womens day fashion show
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