If you’re operating a business, chances are very high that you have a website that regularly accumulates customer information. As soon as a customer inputs a credit card number or creates an account, this data becomes your legal responsibility. The best way to keep your customers safe from compromise is to maintain a valid Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate.

How do you know if your site is encrypted? Look for the “s” at the end of your HyperText Transfer Protocol or “http”. This is located at the beginning of your website’s address. If you don’t possess this certificate, your website is at risk of being identified by major web browsers such as Google Chrome as “unsafe” for users to visit.

Having your website flagged as a hazard is certainly perturbing for customers! This can quickly weaken web traffic and degrade your companies branding.

If a malicious attack occurs, it can severely damage the reputation of your business. While your intentions are not malevolent, a data leak can instantly peg you as untrustworthy. Re-building your business after an incident can be expensive and time-consuming.

If you suspect this to be the case, contact a trusted provider like Response I.T. who can install a Comodo SSL certificate within hours. This instantaneous safeguarding means that all data transferred from and to your website will be encrypted at both ends.

Response I.T. selected Comodo because it is the world leader in cyber-security platforms. A premiere security tool like this ensures that every detail gathered by your website is protected. Being confident in the products that power your website is essential to building trust with customers. No aspect should be overlooked – especially when it comes to security!

Remember that providing guaranteed safety for your valued customers comes down to one single letter – “s”.

Contact Us to get a SSL certificate installed on your business website today, it can be done in a few hours!