14 May

Benefits of Managed Service for Small Business

    Small businesses are the backbone of Canadian commercial industry, and since the influence of technology has made its impact on these regional businesses, they continue to grow. Hence, it has become important for small as well as medium businesses in Canada to invest on managed services.

    Managed services are a strategic method to outsource daily operations that help in improving productivity and reducing costs. These practices can include Human Resource activities, manufacturing support, and Production lifecycle activities. Allocating a certain degree of your budget to managed services can reap many benefits, and this article intends to discover them.

    Increase in Productivity

    protect-from-virusThe influx of technology has changed all our lives. We are living in a digital age where businesses carry out daily operations and transactions through the web. Smart phones and tablets have changed the medium, as back and forth communication and access of internet has become even more readily available. However, one of the sad realities of this digital age is increasing cyber crime, and the largest contributors to that are computer viruses. Cyber Crime – Hacking Just as Bad as Viruses Let’s face it, technology develops at a rapid pace, and so do the computer viruses. More businesses than ever today rely heavily on IT systems, where they store their confidential and sensitive data. A virus can not only harm your sensitive files and documents, but can also damage your hardware. There are still many businesses in Canada that do not take this factor as seriously as they take hacking. The truth is, data is at as much risk of breach or infection from a virus as hacking. Protection from Viruses Before seeking protection from computer viruses, you should learn about the different types of viruses and their effect on your system and data. There is a fine line of difference between a virus, malware, spyware and adware. There are numerous ways to protect a business IT system from viruses and keep the data and files safe, for instance: Anti-virus Free anti-virus software can only take limited actions when they discover viruses. Most free anti-virus software do not track your downloads, email attachments or suspicious websites. When your business involves sensitive data, it is best to go for reliable and paid anti-virus software like McAfee or Norton. These software programs update overtime and download in order to give your system protection from various types of viruses out there. Firewall Enable firewall on your systems. If your system does not have a built in firewall, then you can get one from a third party. You can access the firewall from security settings in control panel. Cloud Computing Cloud computing has been around for some time now and helps you set a virtual office where you can keep all the sensitive data and files. These files will be universal and allows everyone involved in the business to access the same file. This keeps your data protected, even when your systems get infected by viruses. There are many other ways to protect your business from viruses. It’s always better to backup your data rather than losing it.

    Downtime and decrease in operational efficiency translates to wastage of money and time. Managed services provide businesses with quick repairs to problems and also work proactively to determine and solve potential problems even before they influence the productivity.

    Remote Services

    Managed service providers operate from remote locations, thus reducing the need to employ additional staff onsite. They provide desktop, backup and email and other recovery support services by keeping a low profile and in major cases, do not impact the daily activities of onsite employees.


    A managed services provider will generally perform an assessment of the company onsite, its processes and the workflows, and the current situation of the company’s supporting technology. From this, they determine the types of services needed to achieve organizational goals. Hence, business owners get to chose from an array of managed services. These packages can be acquired to great effect when working on a budget.

    Support Onsite IT

    Not all businesses are comfortable at allocating their IT control to a third party, and generally small businesses do not have the resource to maintain such an IT department to optimize productivity. Through managed services, small businesses can add the tools, availability and the expertise to support their onsite IT departments and work in the same nature as big companies and organizations.


    Though the benefits of a managed service to a small business are unquestionable, there is a big concern for security in the frame. However, managed security services provide the same benefits of traditional managed services, but with high levels of security, control, and availability. Though the costs for managed security services are higher, they are nevertheless the ideal option when you deal with sensitive data. Small businesses that recognize the importance of managed services are ahead of the curve, and there’s no reason why you should fall behind.

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