Response I.T.

From the beginning, we vowed that our clients wouldn’t feel like numbers. We understand that you have sentimental attachments with the data on your computer. When you’ve upgraded your operating system, you don’t want to start setting everything up from scratch again. We will get your computer back to you the way you had it – only better! The only changes you will see on your desktop are technical, the heart will be as you left it.

To this day we remain a no-nonsense business. We want you to see the value in your dollar. Even if we get your problem solved on the first try, we aren’t about delivering a quick fix and moving on to the next case. Our value comes from personable, concerned, trustworthy, face-to-face interactions. We have incorporated managed services that are dedicated to performing scheduled maintenance in person. By performing scheduled maintenance, backups and tune-ups, we found it gives our clients not only peace of mind, but a price break too.


Response I.T.

Response I.T. began back in 1999 when a local entrepreneur, Rick Frasso began offering residential I.T. services. He always had a keen interest in I.T. and aspired to create an old-fashioned business strong with interpersonal values, emphasizing education, communication, and humanity above all else. Without compromising the core belief that the client should be in control of their decisions and properly informed of the process through every stage. The company then broadened its scope to include the corporate world and larger operations. The goal was to do the job reasonably, thoroughly, and correctly, all while creating valuable relationships with each client. The goal was also to build camaraderie and partnerships with local businesses who hold the same values. Response I.T. took care of their clients through every step of the process, diligently taking notes on every service call to cover all the bases and provide a more complete service.

Today Response I.T. still operate by that same process Mr. Frasso bagan with. We are your Kingston area I.T. solution, but just because we work with machines, doesn’t mean we need to act like them. We promise to always have a human available to speak with you. No automated voices or predefined e-mails. We believe that personal communication and relationships are the key to building positive and long-lasting business partnerships.