11 Aug

7 Signs You Might Need a New Website!

    Business owners often complain about how their website’s conversion rate takes a dive over time. They invest more and more money on marketing, but the return is far from proportionate. If that has happened to you, your website might very well be outdated.

    Old may be gold, but in the digital world, the gold gets buried deep where no one can actually find it. Some of the highest ranking websites are the ones that keep themselves updated. New and fresher content, more responsive and streamlined design, and revised SEO, all play an important part in keeping your traffic and conversion high.

    Now your website may be only a few months old or you may have invested a lot of money on the last update, how do you know if you still need a newer and better one?

    You read the signs!

    According to our experts, there are 7 clear sign that show that you need a new website. And here they are.

    1. Your Competitors Have Updated – Every entrepreneur indulges in sneaking a peek of the competitors’ website every now and then. Well, if you have seen them change lately, follow suit or you will be left far behind.
    2. Your Users Have Upgraded – Take our word for it! More than half the internet traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets. If your website is not compatible for all screen sizes and dimensions, or if you have a separate mobile site, it’s time to get one faster, lighter, and responsive.
    3. Your Website is Browser Specific – It’s a very rookie mistake, but developers are still tempted to do it. Check if your website works equally well and fast on all major browsers. If it is too slow or unresponsive on any of them, better make the necessary changes to the code before it turns away a huge tide of traffic.
    4. You Can’t Update Content – This means your website doesn’t have a proper Content Management System, which in turn implies that you need a new website. A CMS gives you more control over content and how you keep it up to date and engaging for your prospects. It also helps engage search engines better, offering you a better ROI through FREE online search.
    5. You Can’t Find Yourself – Consider this a cheat trick! Try searching for your strongest keyword and see where you are on the rank. If you can’t find yourself on the first page, the chances are no one will find you ever. A new website, designed with SEO in mind, will give a boost to your ranking.
    6. Your Website is Too Flashy – A heavily Flash-based into might have been all the rage a few years ago, but today, it’s the biggest giveaway that your website is outdated. The problem with Flash is that it takes too much time to load and doesn’t really work well across devices and browsers.
    7. The © Catastrophe – Scroll all the way to the bottom and see what the © sign entails. If it’s anything other than the current year, that simply means you need a new website or an upgrade that will make you more current and relevant.

    In simpler words, you can actually never go wrong with the decision to get a new website. It always helps to stay ahead of the game.

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