11 Mar

7 Great Tips for Online Security

Every time you connect to the internet, you automatically become exposed to a number of cyber threats. Hackers can embezzle your passwords or credit card numbers, tax records or even disable you PC entirely. In this way, the victim will face a great amount of loss and have in so many reported events.

There are tips you can follow to protect yourself against all malicious cyber attacks.

Create Strong and Smart Passwords

Give the hackers a tough code to break so that there is a higher chance of them giving up in the first place. A smart password incorporates capital letters, numbers or special characters and they always use more than six characters. Example: Go1dM!n3

Use Email Carefully

While email can be the best way of keeping in touch with relatives and friends, no matter how strongly you PC is protected; the recipient’s PC may not be and you can easily fall victim to a variety of serious threats. Be very wise about the nature of information you share in your emails, never send credit card details, private or sensitive data or your social security numbers.

Be Smart about Using Instant Messaging Programs

If you communicate with loved ones through instant messaging services, be highly careful about sending any sensitive information across when communicating online. You can protect yourself by using any nickname for your screen, so that your real name stays unidentified. Try to stay away from accepting or inviting strangers into your groups and be smart about using these services at work since your employer usually tracks and monitors the exchange of information.

Safe Shopping

When ordering from an online store, make sure that the website of the retailer uses security. Verify that the web address contains https. In the beginning when you are at the checkout page. Whatever security technology the website is using, make sure you know that it is authentic and not a spam before providing any sensitive data.

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams usually use fake emails and fraudulent websites, masquerading about as an appropriate and legitimate business. These scams usually look to lure users in into revealing private information. To always stay safe and protected, make sure that the website of the business that has sent you the email is completely legitimate. Perform a separate search on the name of the website to check its authenticity, you can also verify by calling the business directly and inquiring about the email.

Try Care Free Online Gaming

Make sure you stay careful when playing online games with your friends or family and be absolutely certain that your security software is working proficiently when your PC is in gaming mode.

Monitor Your Children’s Online Activity

Make sure your home computer is situated in an open space, like the lounge so that you can effectively monitor the online activity of your children. You can use age-appropriate software and limit the online spent time. Use and install parental control applications and software so that you can keep your PC from accessing any undesired website or sharing information while communicating.

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