Avoiding cybercriminals may seem impossible, but it's not. Information is power. Below are five mistakes you might be making:


  1. Free stuff isn't safe


You may pay more than money if you use 'free' Wi-Fi. Public networks are unsecured and vulnerable to hacking. This is not limited to airports. Your local coffee shop, salon, or place that does not password-protect its network leaves your data vulnerable.


  1. Forget/skip the updates 


Do you reschedule software updates but never actually install them? Don't stop your system from receiving the latest tools and security patches. If you often hit the 'Remind me later' button, you're asking for trouble.


  1. Pickup scammer call


Sometimes those scam numbers are compelling. Maybe you recognize the area code and the first few numbers, or perhaps it's your number. You answer the phone. It's when a scammer has a chance to get their claws into you. There is no way of knowing if someone is recording your voice for nefarious purposes or making a deep fake audio recording of you later.



  1. When you have a bunch of old unused accounts 


If you have many online accounts, you are more likely to be hacked. Your usernames and passwords aren't secure, with a new daily breach. You can't delete some accounts, and some sites hide the deleted links, and you have to search pretty hard to find them. 


  1. You click agree 


When was the last time you read the terms and conditions of a site or service? You're not the only one. It probably means you're giving companies access to your personal information.