26 Jan

4C Technology Management Approach

    In today’s world, not keeping up with the new technologies will only bog a company down rather than letting it prosper. A company’s goals and needs keep changing, and so should the systems continue to become more innovative and competitive.

    4C technology management approach is found to be very effective in the construction of a successful and coherent IT environment in a company that leads to the success of the company, because apart for being aligned with the objectives and goals of the company, it also builds a competitive workplace environment. The 4C Technology Management Approach basically emphasizes on four main areas that are as follows:

    1. Consolidation:

    Consolidation aspires to minimize the quantity of storage space and computing power, which aids clients to economically distribute key applications. What makes this possible is the use of virtualization technology, through which the servers can handle numerous tasks that formerly needed more servers.

    The aim of virtualization is the provision of a chance that helps in substituting and uniting several servers into one server resulting in less computing resource requirements. The advantages include cost savings, flexibility, easy management, efficient resources, and energy savings along with the life extension of old applications.

    2. Continuity

    Continuity in the 4C technology management approach focuses on saving and protecting the company from potential risks and threats related to the company’s data. It basically helps in the construction of a consistent and dependable system for guarding data against any potential loss. It is considered important that such plans must include activities that are regularly scheduled and are provided at very rational costs.

    To be able to choose the correct continuity solution for a company, most IT consultancy firms look at the complexity of the company’s data and form a plan that fits the situation and the environmental needs.

    3. Collaboration

    Collaboration in 4C technology management approach focuses on a plan that enables the team members of the company to work together without the wastage of time. Most IT consultancy firms help the businesses in implementing techniques, technologies and routines that aid the individual workers in being able to work in harmony with coordination. A business can greatly perk up the collaboration by offering people the power and authority to connect anywhere, anytime, by using any device that they can get hold of. Whether an employee is at an airport with his tablet in his hand or in a train with his laptop, he should be able to connect with the company and other employees of the company, at all times.

    4. Content

    Content in 4C technology management approach basically examines how a certain company collects and distributes information and data. The process begins with the intention that information can only be considered valuable and useful if it can be accessed whenever there is a need. If a content management system is implemented in a proper manner, it can not only help in increasing the productivity of the company but can also decrease the danger of reduced control. It can also help a company attain all of their critical requirements.

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