15 May

4 Ways Managed I.T. Services Can Help Your Business

Managed I.T. Services are essentially a plan and roll out of a budgeted amount of hours for managing I.T. Services. Ensuring regular maintenance and updates are performed, security is enforced and I.T. tasks are taken care of by a professional to make sure a company doesn’t stop doing business because of technology failures. Now let us look at how this service can help.

Huge cost savings over Dedicated Full Time Staff

A managed services plan with the right company would account for updates, upgrades and preventative maintenance that will ensure your employees and business stay connected without breaking the bank.  Hiring a single I.T. professional in Canada can cost you upwards of $60,000/year, according to Statistics Canada. By implementing an I.T. company to provide managed services you can eliminate wasted hours and therefore a lot of overhead.

One Call for Every Problem but Not Just One Technician

Even if your company has a budget for a single I.T. professional at $60,000 to 80,000 a year, you are basically stuck with what that single professional knows. As the I.T. industry is so immense and covers so many skill sets from DNS, Cloud and Networking to Hardware and Software it is important to have a staff of people able to assist in whatever capacity you need them to. Having the right company provides those dedicated services puts you in touch with a team of professionals, each with their own skill sets, each loving what they do.

Peace of Mind

Someone monitoring your I.T. infrastructure and preventing or resolving any problems is a huge part of a Managed Service contract and offers peace of mind above all else. It is also a huge deviation from the traditional “fix it when it breaks” model of management. You don’t need to worry about support because your team of dedicated technicians is on call for any emergencies that may arise but most things are dealt with proactively by identifying issues before they become problems.


You may have tried to solve computer problems or software issues on your own and realized it’s like playing the blame game: every vendor and service provider trying to dodge a bullet and throwing blame at someone else. Having a team of professionals who are adept and knowledgeable at actually identifying the root cause and being able to clearly identify troubleshooting steps taken is huge at ensuring accountability. Never wonder again.

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