08 Sep

4 Pieces of Technology Your Business Can’t Survive Without

    Things have definitely changed since the day of the analogue business telephone and typewriter. We are living in a world where it is almost impossible to survive without technology. We said ‘almost’, because there are still stories of heroes who have shunned all things digital, essentially our modern-day hermits. Unfortunately, businesses don’t really have that choice. Technology is oxygen for businesses these days, and it really doesn’t matter which industry you belong to.

    Even for the most basic home-based business, selling homemade jams for instance, which by the way has a potential of becoming a million dollar business, you need technology to make sure you are able to keep up with the competition as well as with the rising demand for your product/service.  There are at least 4 essential pieces of technology that you will need to survive and thrive in the business world. So make a check list and see if you have these pieces of not.


    We know the technology has gotten a lot more compact, but running a business can be tiring, and sometimes, all you need to focus better, is to sit comfortably on chair or a couch with a bigger screen and a proper physical keyboard to get the brain gears running. You can actually create a proper office space in corner of your home. A laptop is something in between a handheld device and a desktop, and trust us you will be thankful you didn’t replace it in favor of a tablet, which itself is essential and we will tell you why.


    Believe us when we say laptop and tablets are not entirely interchangeable. You will need a more portable device you can use conveniently whenever and wherever you want. Besides, finding and downloading amazing business related apps on a tablet is multiple times easier and faster than it is for laptops and PCs. If you think your smartphone can do the same, think of the number of times you will need to recharge.

    VoIP Phone

    Running a business is like dating. You can’t expect to maintain a proper relationship with just text messages. You need to have an actual conversation, and that should be cost-effective enough to give any real value and benefits. VoIP is the solution to all your concerns related to communication. A VoIP with a broadband phone means you can also enjoy teleconferencing and PC to phone calls. Therefore, it is not just your customers you can connect; you can also communicate with traveling employees.

    Electronic Safe

    What are you going to do with all the money you start to make? Of course, you have an account, but a business owner should always have a sufficient sum of money at hand. Pillow covers and couches are no longer safe places. What you need is a piece of technology that ensures peace of mind in every sense. That is what electronic safes are for. These are not very expensive and completely worth the investment.

    We will end this list here mainly because your laptop and tablet will fulfill most of your remaining needs and serving multiple purposes. Also, we are leaving printers and shredders out as it is absolutely possible, and highly recommended, to go paperless now.

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