Since Covid-19, technology has connected us to the outside world, helped us go to work, school, or even store our personal information. Tablets, smartphones, and laptops are essential today. In this digital age, we cannot function without them. Here are three ways to ruin your expensive gadgets and recommendations to avoid them.


1. You are charging way too much 


Is your phone always plugged into the charger? According to Apple, when your iPhone is left at full charge for extended periods, it can harm the battery.


Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers say the same thing. 'Do not leave your phone charged overnight or for long periods.' Huawei states, 'Keep your battery level in the middle (30% to 70%) as much as possible to maximize battery life.'


It is recommended you keep your phone charged - but not fully charged. After your tech is fully charged, unplug it.



2. Waiting too long to charge your device. 


Batteries in laptops can only be charged and discharged so many times. Frequently letting your battery run out of juice reduces the charge-discharge cycle and reduces the battery's lifespan.

Another way for your laptop battery to lose efficiency is by overheating. Say you charge your laptop from 30% to 50%, or about 20% each time. Once you have done that five times, you have completed one battery cycle because you have fully charged your laptop.


3. Careless mistake


The phones of today are relatively rugged. They can withstand water, dust, and a bit of moisture. However, leaving your device in a hot car or out in the sun can seriously damage the device. In addition to causing the battery to leak or overheat, it can also cause data to be lost or corrupted.


Cold temperatures can also damage your phone. Lithium-ion batteries can stop discharging electricity in freezing temperatures, resulting in shortened battery life, display problems, and even cracking display glass.


Here are honorable honors: 


- Isopropyl alcohol (Avoid using household cleaners on your computer or electronic devices. If you use them to clean your kitchen, don't use them on your computer or electronic devices.)

- Distilled or purified bottled water (because tap water could leave mineral spots)