09 Jun 2020

Tips to Fix Your Slow Computer

    How to Fix a Slow Computer

    Nothing affects productivity like a slow running computer. Straggling machines can make simple tasks frustrating and futile. You don’t have to make any drastic upgrades in order to achieve faster speeds. Here are our tips for making your computer run like new!


    Pushing ‘restart’ is often the go-to method for fixing a slow computer. From frozen screens to crashing programs, a quick reboot will most likely get things back on track. Restarting can close all programs – including those that may be running unnoticed in the background.


    If your computer is still sluggish, you may have an undetected virus. Viruses can eat up huge amounts of memory. When memory is limited, your computer starts to slow down. Other symptoms of a virus can include file damage or deletion, peculiar dialog boxes and programs opening on their own. Use your antivirus software to run a scan to determine what exactly the issue is.


    Do you have multiple programs set to start up automatically when your computer is turned on? This arrangement may be suppressing your machine’s performance. You can easily manage how programs behave through Windows Task Manager (or System Preferences if you are using a Mac).

    Tips for Slow Internet

    If you find that your browser has been suffering from functionality fatigue, here are some ways to fix the problem!

    Close Those Tabs

    Having multiple tabs open in your browser can put tremendous strain on speed and performance. Make sure that you only open tabs that are essential and verify that you don’t have any duplicate tabs operating.

    Organize Your Add-Ons

    Add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins help us write better emails, schedule meetings and save money while online shopping. Just like tabs, browser add-ons are also notorious for bogging things down. Try removing all unnecessary add-ons to increase speed.

    Sometimes simple remedies can have the most significant impact on tech problems. These straightforward tips can help older machines rival even the latest models! If you try all of these solutions and still nothing works Contact our Specialists today for a more in-depth assessment. 

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