25 Jun 2019

Smart Devices: Are They Putting You At Risk?

    How Smart is Smart?

    Smart devices are so prevalent in our homes and workplaces that many people are unaware of how digitally-entangled we are. Beyond cell phones and computers, many spaces now contain smart speakers, remote controlled blinds, video doorbells with facial recognition and ‘thinking’ thermostats.

    All of this technology is undoubtedly cool. It is also unbelievably hazardous when unsupported. Whether you use the Internet of Things (IoT) at home or at the office, you are routinely submitting large amounts of valuable data to these devices. A mildly savvy hacker can compromise the entire network faster than you can say “Hey Google”.

    How to Secure Smart Devices:

    Smart devices are as vulnerable as computers when it comes to cyber attacks. They are at risk of every security concern that a computer is. Therefore, the IoT needs to be protected as diligently as a computer would be. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your devices free from attack, viruses, and manipulation.

    • Ensure software is up-to-date: Ensuring that software on each device is regularly updated can help patch weaknesses and increase fortification.
    • Change default passwords: Make it a priority to replace default passwords with strong, alpha-numeric chains of code that are not easy to guess.
    • Disable unessential features: Smart devices often come with fancy features that provide little benefit other than siphoning your bandwidth. Turning off features that you don’t need will save energy and harden security at the same time.
    • Focus on the big picture: The devices you use are just one component in the grander issue of security. In order for your IoT to be protected, you must consider multiple factors such as network encryption. You must also remember your role in the safety of your own information. Security is an ongoing process and every person plays a part in building a successful IoT environment.
    • Work with security experts: The novelty of smart devices can wear off when the gravity of security threats becomes a reality. A trusted and knowledgeable team, like our experts at Response I.T., can fully safeguard your network. They can keep your personal information out of the hands of cybercriminals by certifying that it is always fully protected.

    When safeguarded, IoT networks can be enormously convenient. Using smart devices to power our spaces provides constant connectivity that keeps our businesses and our families safe. Pairing extraordinary technology with professional security delivers an innovative reality that everyone can benefit from.

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    13 Jun 2019

    Security First Mindset: Why It’s Essential To Managed Services

      Data Protection is the name of the game.

      Society is becoming more and more demanding of tech. Consequently, our daily activities are cyber-centric and require a security first approach. We need smart devices to work, shop, communicate, bank and control the thermostat. What happens when we rely almost explicitly on devices to power our lives? We become targets for criminals.

      The wake of sophisticated cyber attacks has brought a push for ‘security-first’ thinking. Some managed services have been quick to apply solutions that fortify their customers against the rapidly growing list of threats.

      Security First Approach

      It is vital for trusted Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to act accordingly. They must make room for tools that provide continued protection for their customers. This can involve new products and tools that deliver an advanced level of security.

      The biggest cyber threats aimed at businesses are eye-opening. Attacks get more sophisticated every day and show no signs of stopping. With mass amounts of sensitive data accumulating on the web every day, businesses are becoming increasingly more vulnerable.

      Social Engineering Attacks

      Social engineering attacks are a new, intelligent strain of cybercrime. These attacks are like spam email 2.0. Often using thoroughly-researched, cleverly-crafted emails to trick employees into taking the wrong actions.

      DDos + IoT

      Other forms of attack are aimed at The Internet of Things (IoT). This system of interconnected smart devices makes daily tasks easier but when unprotected, are a gateway to exploitation. IoT-based DDoS attacks and malicious manipulation are becoming very common.

      Security first thinking MSPs like Response IT play pivotal roles in helping businesses navigate this new and, at times, treacherous world of cybercrime. Having a security-focused mindset can clearly benefit your company. If you are passionate about rigorous security routines – from interviewing to onboarding and product development to product deployment – it makes sense to work with a provider that shares your standard of excellence.

      If you’re serious about security, then working with a security-first provider is the final component to fully safeguarding your enterprise! Contact Us today for more information.

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