22 May 2019

Microsoft Ends “Useless” Password Practice

    Counter-Intuitive Practices

    A password is essential for unlocking your online world and protecting the information you store within it.

    Microsoft has recently made headlines with its new and unexpected policy change. The Windows 10 May update will entirely eliminate the operating system’s customary ‘password expiration’.

    Science and the Weak Password

    Complex units of text have been used throughout history as a meaningful form of defense for military and government agencies. It wasn’t until the mid-1990s when computer use exploded among the general population, as did the emergence of the unexceptional password.

    This easy-to-remember selections basically negates the use of a password at all. Many users are guilty of creating these easy-to-hack passwords without even realizing it.

    While a select few admins out there may still be signing on with the digits “123456”, (yikes!) some users that originally utilized a more intricate password are getting stuck in a cycle of simplification. This happens when users change their password every few months in an effort to maintain strong security. They often make each password less complicated than the last or add a “1” at the end of their pre-existing code.

    Extensive scientific analysis has proven this phenomenon within work environments. These minor changes have little to no impact on security, and could potentially open gateways to cybercrime.

    Re-Thinking Passwords

    In light of this change, companies should be working to permanently alter the way that users view password creation. No dictionary words, phrases, anniversary dates or recognizable sequences of numbers should ever be used. The most secure choice is a string of alpha-numeric code.

    Issuing an office bulletin that outlines the rules of password formation (including a list of banned words) is a great way to ensure that everyone is constructing complicated ciphers.

    Keeping employees informed of all security best practices is an important step to protecting your company’s critical data. Managed Services, such as those offered by Response I.T., also play a crucial role in developing a secure digital future. Not only can a trusted provider aid in the management of these elements, but they can also implement successful safety strategies to alleviate the stresses of office security.

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