10 Jan 2019

Exciting Changes We Can Expect from Joomla 4

    Content Management Systems are Robust

    Content management system, Joomla, is undergoing some exciting changes. Developers will soon be unveiling Joomla 4 which promises to delight users with inventive upgrades.

    With 4.0.0 Alpha 5 already released, users are eagerly awaiting the announcement that Joomla 4 has arrived. The official launch date has not been confirmed, but details about new features are already circulating.

    What Users Already Love About Joomla

    Joomla has been around for nearly a decade. The award-winning CMS launched in 2005 and has established itself as safe, reliable and search engine friendly. Many developers choose Joomla for its world-class user interface, powerful performance and its multitude of extensions (over 7,000 to date).

    Major Changes Unique to Joomla 4


    • A new and refined core User Interface
    • Faster loading pages that will reduce bounce rates
    • Layer improvements for Model View Controller (MVC) architecture
    • Service container implementation for global dependency management
    • A new media manager that delivers immaculate editing capabilities and makes organizing files incredibly easy
    • A cleaner codebase that allows developers to produce intense, hard-wearing applications
    • A completely refactored event dispatching system
    • Improved SEO features


    The New Publishing Workflow

    Joomla 4 also provides users with a feature that may transform content management. The new publishing workflow is a way of systematizing articles that are tailored to the needs of each user. This feature will replace static states (such as unpublished or archived) by facilitating the creation of custom states. This is an intuitive feature that was constructed to harmonize with how people work.


    All of this innovation will be available for instantaneous installation thanks to a faster downloading process. Dynamic colours and beautiful typography also accompany the new Joomla. These improvements and design elements deliver a website that looks as smooth as it functions.

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