14 Sep 2015

Data Storage, Recovery and Backup in the Cloud – What You Need to Know

    The world today revolves around information and data records, which are managed and stored within vast, secure data centers. Now, data is one of the most precious assets for individuals as well as organizations. This is why data security is the first thing that consumers consider when they take service reliability into account. In this regard, various measures are taken to ensure that the data is backed up and can be fetched at any time. This is usually done by opting for offsite cloud storage services.

    Classification of Cloud storage

    Cloud storage is an online storage medium, where you can store your data using the internet and access it at any time. The cloud is often connected to various servers, and has various distributed and integrated resources which ensure that your data is accessible, no matter where you might be. read more

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    08 Sep 2015

    4 Pieces of Technology Your Business Can’t Survive Without

      Things have definitely changed since the day of the analogue business telephone and typewriter. We are living in a world where it is almost impossible to survive without technology. We said ‘almost’, because there are still stories of heroes who have shunned all things digital, essentially our modern-day hermits. Unfortunately, businesses don’t really have that choice. Technology is oxygen for businesses these days, and it really doesn’t matter which industry you belong to. read more

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