31 Aug 2015

4 Disastrous I.T. Choices Entrepreneurs Typically Make

    We are done stressing the fact that technology is no longer a choice but a need for every business. Whether you are a startup or a venture struggling for growth, building a strong IT infrastructure must always be on your ‘high priority’ list. However, when we say technology is essential, we don’t mean you should spend all the money you have on tools and systems you don’t really need. In fact, spending on the wrong technology is actually way more disastrous than not spending at all. That is the catastrophe we want to save you from. read more

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    11 Aug 2015

    7 Signs You Might Need a New Website!

      Business owners often complain about how their website’s conversion rate takes a dive over time. They invest more and more money on marketing, but the return is far from proportionate. If that has happened to you, your website might very well be outdated.

      Old may be gold, but in the digital world, the gold gets buried deep where no one can actually find it. Some of the highest ranking websites are the ones that keep themselves updated. New and fresher content, more responsive and streamlined design, and revised SEO, all play an important part in keeping your traffic and conversion high. read more

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