22 Jun 2015

Designing a Better Website – Chapter Two

    The Principles of Design

    If the elements of design are the ingredients of a dish, the principles act as the recipe. The elements are solitary and distinct on their own, and they can only begin to impact viewers once they have been combined in a certain way to create an aesthetically strong and visually appealing placement or systematic arrangement of the constituents of your design.

    The principles can also be regarded as the tools at your disposal since they have the ability of turning a simple shape into multiple forms. These tools can help designers create a visual structure that guides the viewer in a pre-planned manner, and this is exactly why responsive web design is in high demand. If your design is created keeping all these powerful techniques and tools, it can efficiently guide the users in any way you may want. read more

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    15 Jun 2015

    Designing Better Websites – Chapter One – The Elements of Design

      In its true essence, the elements of design can be referred to as the basic constituents that you can use to create a design and the principles are then in fact the rules or restrictions that these elements will follow in order to form a composition that is visually appealing. Given the above structure, a designer needs elements and principles on their fingertips like a painter needs paint! This article will briefly explain the elements of design and how they can be used to create compositions that can be used as drivers for a message.

      The Ingredients of a Good Design

      When we talk about chemistry, the periodic table of elements that we took too long to understand during high school immediately pops up in our minds. Just like the elements we have in design, the periodic table is a breakdown of all known elements which can combine to form newer substances and compounds. The elements of design can be combined in a similar fashion to bring out an appealing design and visually lead your prospects in any direction you may please. The following are the basic ingredients of successful design; Visual Elements, Design and Combination Principles, and Visual Effects. read more

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      08 Jun 2015

      The Essence of Responsive Web Design

        The biggest necessity these days for web design that drives actual results, is Responsive Web Design, and almost everywhere you turn, you are bound to stumble upon its importance. But what makes a web design scheme responsive?

        The essence of Responsive Web Design is the way you approach your design and how adjusted it is to the user from different kinds of browsers and devices. The concept may have been around for quite some time, but this is the year that the concept is all set to take a swift turn and make its resonating presence felt. read more

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