25 May 2015

The Power of Typography

    Typography is generally described as the art and technique of arranging words and typeface in such a manner that the language remains readable and becomes much more appealing. But that is merely the surface definition of the matter and there is so much more you can learn about typography that can help you enhance designs and gain more exposure.

    Design is a visual language which, if leveraged correctly, can trigger certain actions in the minds of your prospects. The most essential thing that a design must always have is CONTENT; content that is strong enough to grab the attention of audiences and hold it for at least two seconds. read more

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    19 May 2015

    Social Media Networks to Watch in 2015

      2015 is expected to be the biggest year yet for the online world and the social media networking industry, not only because of the networks that have been doing incredibly well, but also for the upcoming potential platforms which could effectively accumulate a large membership in the fast paced market of today.

      Social media has also become the driver for most small businesses and a great way to check your products and services to test them out in the market before making HUGE investments. Small to mid-sized businesses have perhaps benefitted most due to this rapid shift, and much more can be done if you consider the amount of new releases that have hit the market this year. read more

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      13 May 2015

      What a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Looks Like

        The technological marketplace is ever-evolving and all kinds of businesses have to struggle a great deal to keep up with the pace of innovation. Corporations tend to move with the speed of a snail while committing large budgets to research and proper development of products and/or services. These tasks are successfully accomplished by small business owners who are more tech-savvy and engage the process much faster than the corporate teams working and researching their innovations more deeply.

        Crowdfunding is a phenomenon which is often coupled with email and social media marketing and it is effectively positioning businesses as the pioneers of information services and innovation. 2013 alone witnessed the marvel of crowdfunding with more than five billion dollars being raised through social campaigns; the mark is supposedly all set to hit ten billion dollars by the time we are set to say our goodbyes to 2015. read more

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