20 May 2014

Know How to Protect Your Business against Viruses

    The influx of technology has changed all our lives. We are living in a digital age where businesses carry out daily operations and transactions through the web. Smart phones and tablets have changed the medium, as back and forth communication and access of internet has become even more readily available. However, one of the sad realities of this digital age is increasing cyber crime, and the largest contributors to that are computer viruses. read more

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    14 May 2014

    Benefits of Managed Service for Small Business

      Small businesses are the backbone of Canadian commercial industry, and since the influence of technology has made its impact on these regional businesses, they continue to grow. Hence, it has become important for small as well as medium businesses in Canada to invest on managed services.

      Managed services are a strategic method to outsource daily operations that help in improving productivity and reducing costs. These practices can include Human Resource activities, manufacturing support, and Production lifecycle activities. Allocating a certain degree of your budget to managed services can reap many benefits, and this article intends to discover them. read more

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