26 Jan 2015

4C Technology Management Approach

In today’s world, not keeping up with the new technologies will only bog a company down rather than letting it prosper. A company’s goals and needs keep changing, and so should the systems continue to become more innovative and competitive.

4C technology management approach is found to be very effective in the construction of a successful and coherent IT environment in a company that leads to the success of the company, because apart for being aligned with the objectives and goals of the company, it also builds a competitive workplace environment. The 4C Technology Management Approach basically emphasizes on four main areas that are as follows: read more

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21 Jan 2015

Web Design Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

In today’s world of technology, most entrepreneurs choose to build a website to boost online marketing. Many times, these entrepreneurs invest a lot of resources in making their websites more effective, but the reason that it does not prosper, is the poor design of the website. There are numerous design mistakes that people should avoid but we are only listing the few common ones here. Let’s have a look at them: read more

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12 Jan 2015

Cyber Security Tips for Online Safety

Most people do not deem cyber security important, and some unfortunate souls even end up losing all their sensitive information due to negligence. With the growing hacking trends, it is crucial for people to understand how important cyber security is because you can lose sensitive information if you do not take safety precautions.

Here are ten tips to get started with

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